Kristijan Dapcevic + Savo Radovic
@dimitrije_milic + @kristijandapcevic


Where experience is knowledge

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”   Benjamin Franklin

The UNBOUND concept dematerializes classical learning environment. Traditional classrooms are replaced by high-tech spherical spaces that produce digital images and objects that users can interact with. Each person using the space is seen as a singularity that by sharing knowledge, expands the infinite plane of digital knowledge base.

A space is fully customizable, and thus user-created where every visitor can use digital tools to shape and create new worlds for other users to explore. By doing so a concepts of teacher and student no longer differ. The unbound space allows for all senses to be activated, focusing on experience as a learning medium. A virtually created university allows for users to access the space from any time and place, erasing the existence of physical boundaries. Furthermore, the UNBOUND is open for all ages, emphasizing the idea that it is never too early and never too late to expand the learning horizon. A final result is a life-lasting experience and a virtual space waiting to be explored over and over again.

We invite you to relax, immerge yourself, experience and expand the space unbound.

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