Jovana + Katarina + Milica
Industrial zone, Novi Sad, Serbia
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This furniture manufacturing industry uses recycled materials in its production, which is obtained from wood, plastic and aluminium to produce chairs of various designs.

Flow of the production was accentuated by long form of the building, performed as three prolated separate linear forms, where every form represents one of the three materials.

Building was then separated into two parts: manufacturing and representative part. The inbetween spaces are filled with nature which supports the use of recyclable materials in production.

Tubes are used as a visual display of all the possible movements of users, both workers and visitors; also they allegoricly represent water from the DTD canal (where the industry is located ) which is used in production as a biological fuel. Visitors are allowed to observe the manufacturing process from above, using tubes that are performed higher of the ground in the manufacturing part of the building.

Representative part was performed as 10 separated cubes, where every one of them provides a different program available to all visitors which they can access using tubes.

The manufacturing process stars at the manufacturing part and ends in the show rooms at the representative part of the building. Show rooms are located on the edge of the ground, and are spreading across the cliff over the canal, giving the finish products major meanin.

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