Youtube Channels #2: Photoshop Tutorials

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Youtube Channels #2: Photoshop Tutorials

Hi guys! The most challenging part of the design process is creating the most attractive presentation at the end.

Unfortunately, most of architecture students have a problem them with it.Why we are frustrate about it is not because lack of ability or knowledge. It is a problem because of proximity. Although, lots of us has our own ways to do any work, there is a easiest way to do our works. Therefore, you should not worry and feel happy since you find thisppp awesome page because we going to present you some of incredible works and their videos now.

If you’ve not downloaded the program yet, you can downloaded it from link down below;


Note: To help you more efficient, titles based on your photoshop knowledge/level. So, you can afford for sleep because it’s not luxury anymore.


First of all, except being nervous, you may be hasty about learning issues so you should calm yourself about this issues by thinking about your colleagues and their nonperfect experiences. Hasitation is not your friend. Therefore, once you prepared psychologically, you can learn.

I will recommend you some successful examples. All of them has their own style but they have their own ways. By comparison them, you can also find your own way like listening your friends at the studio lessons.

Here they are;

Very beginning(long version)

Very beginning(short version)


After you get all information which I shared with you, you can go through tips and tricks of Photoshop. If you can cover all this knowledge by practicing, I can garantee you success.

  • For tips and tricks about brushes and where to download them;

  • 7 tip about how to manage with masks

  • Tips every architecture master;

    3. ‘LET’S GO TO WORK!’

    It is the time. Now, you can work but I can here your voices like ‘how?’ Here, you can find basic responsiblities of architects guys;

    1.Section drawing;

    2.Layout presentation;

    3.Designing portfolio;



    • Although you go through the videos but don’t know how to make your project’s visualization, you can get information from these videos.

      1.Here you can see how to make your project in real;

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