H. Furkan Senoglu
Istanbul, Turkey

The Symbiosis project is an on-site transformation project. The high-rise building in the existing land was built through buildings in the existing plan were demolished and a single mass building was constructed for urban renewal.

The symbiosis project finds new solution for this new plan scheme, which also destroys the existing street. In carrying out this goal, the previous plan layout with reference to the selection of a few buildings to be raised and raised only as the level of the existing buildings, adding new masses to the roofs. So it makes the roofs functional.

The function of the building in the neighborhood is entirely based on mutual utilitarianism. For example, in the evening, when the housewives cook, the employees eat and the employees take care of the children of the housewives. At the same time local and retired craftsmen are the most experienced at the time of the apprentice to provide workshops.

On the other hand, the startup incubator center, which paves the way for gene entrepreneurs, and small to large workshops for university students. As a result, this project found a new solution for urban renewal as a transformation instead of demolitions of all apartments to make new single block house building.

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