This is an iconic mosque project, designed mosque like central Asian and Mughal inspired design, four are minarets and the central part of mosque is for open air prayers and built part is also for prays under shelter, mosque is design with arches, arcades, domes and Islamic pattern screens which are commonly use in mosques, open spaces are design with Islamic flooring pattern marble and granite water pound placed in center of the court and all the court boundaries design with pointed floating arches with Islamic screens.

Massive size of four minarets design on four corners of the mosque, and built part divide in to space one is for lady’s prayer area and other one is for gent’s prayer area both are separated from each other, one huge size domes placed over covered area and the dome is look like central Asian design mosques designed with beautiful huge size arches all the arches are overlapping on each other and circularly placed, in the center of every pair a massive window also placed for creating more aesthetically peasant, arcades and pedestrian walk ways are also design covered, semicircular arches with downward from roof creating nice experience for user who is enjoying the external and internal views when user is walking from the covered pedestrians, mosque’s screen which are design in the pedestrian arches are made with the wood and polished finish and all the other part of the pedestrian is texture painted infect all the other areas of mosque are white texture painted and dumbs are Feroza blue color like central Asian mosques, entrance of the mosque are massive arches like Mughal mosques and divided into four part, two for women access and one for man, in the central part a massive water body design for providing freshness feelings prayers mosque are connection between men and God.

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