Stasa Zekovic + Marko Mihajlovic + Ilija Lazic + Stasa Zekovic
Novi Sad, Serbia

Located in the industrial area of Novi Sad, this furniture factory offers production of newly designed mid-century furniture on a bigger scale, from clients such as retail chains to private purposes, as well as restoration and conservation of gem pieces from the mid-century era. Its landscape stems from the concept of renewable resources, having in mind that the wood used for manufacturing furniture is from the forest surrounding the factory and is being constantly replaced by newly planted trees, creating an ecosystem of ever-renewable wood resources and a full circle.

The form includes two separate segments – a representative part and production, which are organized in two parabolas that intersect. Production segment parabola is the ground floor and includes two flows of production – one for newly designed and produced items, and the other for restoration purposes. The upper parabola is a ramp that interacts with the urban area outside the parcel and pulls in clients.

The ramp includes functions such as administration, architectural and design studios, co-working space, meeting space, sales space, chill areas, showrooms, café, food corner, amphitheatre, event space and balconies. Intersections of parabolas create two symmetrical voids that vertically connect both parabolas and represent “shared space” between both floors. A canteen for all employees is organized in one intersection area and an educational space in the second, looking over the production process and intended for both students, intern-designers and intern-manufacturers.

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