ANACAPA Architecture
Santa Barbara, United States

In the scenic embrace of California’s vast canyons, where the azure gaze of the Pacific stretches as far as the eye can see, there exists a haven of luxury and solitude. This property, a sublime marriage of human artistry and nature’s magnificence, invites you to discover its many splendors. Join us as we journey through this remarkable hilltop sanctuary.

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Perched atop a pristine peak, this property stands out as one of California’s most coveted and secluded retreats. Nestled amidst vast, untouched canyons, it commands unobstructed views of the vast Pacific Ocean. This vantage point not only provides its residents with breathtaking oceanic panoramas but also ensures unparalleled privacy. From here, the horizon stretches endlessly, and the neighboring properties are artfully hidden from view.

As one makes their ascent via a serpentine driveway that teases with its dramatic elevation changes, they are met with captivating landscapes that promise a unique hilltop experience.

Credit: Coastal House | ANACAPA Architecture (

Spread across this expansive property are three distinct buildings, each meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with the natural contours of the land. The primary residence, spanning an impressive 5,000 square feet, boasts four spacious bedrooms and five luxurious bathrooms. In addition, a cozy one-bedroom guest house ensures visitors enjoy the same level of comfort and privacy. Furthermore, a beautifully designed barn complements the ensemble, echoing the architectural coherence seen throughout the property.

Credit: Coastal House | ANACAPA Architecture (

Situated within a wildlife sanctuary on California’s picturesque Central Coast, every aspect of the property’s design and construction was approached with a deep respect for the environment. Adhering strictly to the region’s rigorous construction and ecological standards was of paramount importance. As a testament to its eco-conscious design, the property is equipped with its independent well and septic system. The landscaping predominantly features drought-resistant plants, minimizing water consumption and maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment.

Credit: Coastal House | ANACAPA Architecture (

A noteworthy challenge faced during the property’s design phase was the hilltop’s susceptibility to intense winds. This natural element played a pivotal role in influencing the positioning and architectural nuances of each structure, ensuring they not only withstand these forces but also harmoniously coexist with the environment.

In essence, this property isn’t merely a residence; it’s a sanctuary where architecture and nature coalesce, promising an unmatched living experience amidst California’s captivating landscapes.

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