Industry of All Nations
Joshua Tree, United States

Nestled within the stark yet captivating Mojave Desert, near California’s renowned Joshua Tree National Park, stands a remarkable example of sustainable architecture known as The Landing House. This modern wooden pavilion, the brainchild of Industry of All Nations (IOAN), a collective specializing in sustainable research, design, and development, seamlessly merges with the desert’s natural topography and palette, embodying a deep commitment to environmental harmony.

Located around 130 miles from Los Angeles, close to the gateway of Joshua Tree National Park, this dwelling offers a stark contrast to urban life. Its design ethos revolves around environmental integration, ensuring that every element of the house complements the desert’s unique landscape, textures, and hues.

Credit: The Landing House | Industry of All Nations (archiloveCredit: The Landing House | Industry of All Nations (

Fernando Gerscovich, an Argentine architect who, along with his siblings Juan Diego and Patricio, conceptualized The Landing House, highlights the desert’s fragile ecosystem. The design philosophy prioritizes minimal disturbance to the native flora and the geographical features of the land, embedding the structure within its environment.

The project originated in 2019 when the Gerscovich brothers, captivated by the region’s surreal landscape and unique lighting, purchased a five-acre plot to bring their vision to life. This parcel, adorned with Joshua trees, natural boulders, and panoramic views, became the canvas for their architectural endeavor. Symbolizing a fallen branch amidst this setting, the house exhibits a low profile and a humble scale, harmonizing with the desert.

Sustainability and simplicity are central to the materials used – concrete, cedar, and glass – chosen for their ability to age gracefully and blend with the natural surroundings. Despite its current pristine condition, the house is expected to acquire a weathered patina over time.

Credit: The Landing House | Industry of All Nations (

The Landing House has since evolved into a secluded retreat, available as a vacation rental through Homestead Modern. A private road, bordered by Joshua trees, leads to a concealed entrance, revealing a layout that encourages interaction with nature. The house, divided into two sections, offers an unobstructed desert view and features a courtyard with a plunge pool.

Inside, the house’s floor plan includes two bedroom suites connected by a breezeway, a living room, kitchen, workspace, and a separate pool suite. Cedar paneling, polished concrete floors, and custom white oak furniture adorn the interiors, while sliding glass doors offer a continuous view of the desert.

Credit: The Landing House | Industry of All Nations (

The outdoor area is equally thought-provoking. A concrete platform near the breezeway leads to the pool, designed for contemplation and relaxation. A solar-paneled carport and a firepit integrated into a boulder enhance the landscape, while a secluded yoga area, framed by oxidized steel, blends with the natural rock formations.

The Landing House stands as a testament to sustainable living, its design and execution embodying respect for and coexistence with its natural environment. Its integration with the terrain and the use of naturally occurring landscape elements highlight its commitment to eco-friendly architecture.

In conclusion, The Landing House is more than just an architectural marvel; it’s a profound statement on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Situated on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, it showcases how human habitation can coexist in harmony with nature. Its design philosophy, emphasizing minimal environmental impact, reflects a deep respect for the natural world. The house, with its thoughtful use of materials and integration into the landscape, serves as a blueprint for future eco-sensitive architecture. It stands as a sanctuary of tranquility, offering a unique experience that not only respects but celebrates the beauty and fragility of the desert environment. This project is a shining example of how design and nature can come together to create something truly inspirational, setting a benchmark for sustainable living in harmony with our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Credit: The Landing House | Industry of All Nations (
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