Traama Arquitetura
Asa Suil, Brasil

In recent times, the concept of care has emerged as a crucial element in addressing our vulnerabilities and healing our collective weaknesses. Embracing this philosophy, we designed SPA NAZ, a space that transcends the traditional notions of a spa, embodying care as a holistic attitude encompassing responsibility, involvement, and mindfulness. Our inspiration stems from a profound Urdu expression that encapsulates pride in being loved and cared for. This linguistic treasure guided our vision for SPA NAZ, creating an environment that celebrates self-acceptance, pride in one’s journey, and the beauty of each phase of life.

Credit: Naz Spa / Traama Arquitetura | ArchDaily

SPA NAZ is conceived as an oasis of tranquility, accessible and welcoming to all ages. It’s a sanctuary that fosters a sense of safety, uniqueness, and belonging. The design of SPA NAZ is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, catering to a diverse clientele while encouraging the re-establishment of fragmented connections within oneself and with the world.

The spa’s architecture and interior design are crafted to reflect its ethos of calm and balance. We embraced a palette of beige tones throughout the space, creating a serene and harmonious environment. The choice of porcelain tiles in the bathroom, with their grainy texture reminiscent of natural minerals, adds an earthy, grounding element to the space. This choice of materials is not just aesthetic but also a nod to the natural world, reinforcing the spa’s commitment to creating an environment in sync with nature.

Credit: Naz Spa / Traama Arquitetura | ArchDaily

Our design approach extends to the walls, where we introduced textures designed to interact with light and shadow. This subtle play enhances the sense of tranquility and provides a dynamic yet soothing visual experience. It’s a testament to the thoughtfulness we put into every aspect of SPA NAZ’s design.

The ceiling of the spa is another focal point of our design philosophy. Here, wooden frames covered with linen allow for the gentle passage of light and air, essential elements for creating a healing and rejuvenating atmosphere. This design choice reflects our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our clients through natural elements.

Credit: Naz Spa / Traama Arquitetura | ArchDaily

The folding screen, a central feature of SPA NAZ, serves as both a functional and aesthetic element. It frames the living and relaxation areas while providing privacy in the massage space. Behind this screen lies a discreetly integrated garden, introducing a touch of greenery that enriches the spa’s calming ambiance.

In the bathroom, the countertop made of hand-carved stone fillets is a tribute to the art of craftsmanship. This feature is more than just a functional element; it symbolizes our appreciation for the handmade, and the unique beauty and story each piece carries.

Credit: Naz Spa / Traama Arquitetura | ArchDaily

In essence, SPA NAZ is more than a spa; it is a physical manifestation of a philosophy that values care, diversity, and personal growth. It’s a place where the environment, design, and atmosphere converge to create a haven for self-reflection, pride, and healing. This space is not just about physical rejuvenation but also about instilling a sense of pride in being cared for and loved, resonating with the profound message of the Urdu language that inspired its inception.

Credit: Naz Spa / Traama Arquitetura | ArchDaily
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