Estúdio Mosaico

Brasília, 2023 – Estúdio Mosaico, made up of architects Lucia Kozak Simaan, Gustavo Cantuária and Daniel Simaan França, is inspired by the work of Athos Bulcão and the essence of modernist architecture, and was born with the aim of valuing tiles as an element of art. Since its foundation, the company has established a dialogue that reveals the perfect synchrony between space, color, lines, planes, volumes and light.

The studio opens its doors to a world of artistic expression and functionality, where tiles become a manifestation of the perfect integration between art and architecture. In its new physical space, the brand invites visitors to a visual experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Playing with the unexpected, the brand creates pieces in a variety of combinations, attracting the viewer’s gaze to a new conversation and discovery, where everyone is the protagonist, full and empty, color and white, positive and negative. Art and the viewer become one.

Patch Solid tile in light blue

Each meticulously designed tile reflects not only technical skill, but a passion for artistic expression. With a palette of 19 colors, the firm also offers the creation of custom panels, each one tailor-made to give a unique and exclusive touch to each space.

Witnessing the synergy between art and architecture at the recent 2023 / 2024 launch, the brand presented eight new tile models that redefine the way spaces are perceived.

Among them, the “Azulejo Bliss” stands out for the joy that emanates from its vibrant combinations, in a true celebration of colors, shapes and meanings, offering 361 different possibilities of color combinations.

Clover tile in wine

The “Clover” line captures the charm and luck of the clover in a delicate and symbolic design. “Joy” and “Patch” explore axes, semicircles, fine lines and precise craftsmanship, each telling a unique story.

Joy tile in yellow

The “Patchwork Tile” evokes charm and nostalgia, combining colors and patterns in an enchanting way. In contrast, “Track” and “Jumbo” defy expectations by combining two different pieces on the same panel (combos), creating surprising visual paths and games of full and empty.

Patch tile in gray

These new models represent the essence of Estúdio Mosaico. Each tile is more than a piece; it is a visual narrative, an expression of creativity that invites exploration and discovery.

Patchwork tile in nude color

In addition to the launches, another 60 models make up Estúdio Mosaico’s catalog of creations, recognized by the Brazilian media and the general public, including the “York” Combo and the “JK” tile, among many others that expand the diversity and innovation of the brand’s portfolio, providing distinct options that cater to a variety of styles and preferences, such as the “Cathedral”, “Chapel”, “Helmet”, “Capital”, “Oscar”, “Run” and “Step” lines.

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