VTV Architecture
Palsana, Gujarat, India

To escape from the metropolitan hubbub, the cabin house has been designed in a manner that it inserts itself into the flora and fauna of a formulated microhabitat and acts as a burrow within a fast paced city. It envisions to bring back a laid back lifestyle for the nature enthusiast- retired clients. With a footprint that consumes only 8% of the plot area, the cabin preserves the existing trees, provides an opportunity to grow a personal nursey, and house a 40 sq. mt. self-sustaining eco- water body.

Its simplified structural and programmatic scheme generates fluid spaces, providing freedom of spatial usage. This hyper customized unit leaves room for adaptable spaces.The building not only focuses on looking out onto the jungle but also inviting it inside using a series of openable facades.  The use of large openings gives it a transformable character, wherein it can convert from a completely closed unit to an invisible pavilion.

Usage of steel and salvaged timber as its primary structural building materials leaves scope for future expansion. Further, the exposed treatment of the materials resonates with the idea of a living abode that ages with the residents.

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