Nano Vacheishvili
Georgia, Saguramo

Concept of this cabin project lies in the idea that in the era of urbanization people could spend time in the rural setting, 20 minute-drive from a city, and totally detach from urban chaos, admitting the challenges brought by continuous construction of cities and skyscrapers and thus breaking the harmonious coexistence of nature and humanity.

The key motive of the project is to restore the link between the human and the initial origins, recall the time of collecting fruits, or lighting fires by our habitat – a cave or a wooden hut. This prompted the planning principle. The planning clearly shows that there is no place for a TV or a comfortable sofa in a small hut.

The planning itself encourages customers to go outside and play in the grass, breathe fresh air and meet strangers talking around the fire. The project area is located in the north of Tbilisi, on one of the hills, northwest of Saguramo, a village on the road to the Caucasus Mountains.

To get there, a visitor has to drive on a dirt road, through which he/she observes the forests and meadows. The road goes uphill, on the top of the hill one meets a camp complex hidden in the greens, from where wonderful views of the Caucasus Mountains and its peak “Kazbegi” are seen. During the development of the master plan, the key principle was that each cottage had a private space for isolation, but at the same time, people in different cottages should have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

To accomplish this task, the project zones were organized by allocating meeting areas: three main gathering points were designed for the upper, lower and intermediate levels of the territory, which are connected by a wooden path (the same wooden path leads from the parking zones to the gathering points).

The buildings were distributed on the principle of a chessboard. Natural barriers (trees, bushes etc.) were used to create individual spaces. The whole area and the cottages are adapted for people with disabilities. The zone is fenced with greenery, and the parking spots are equipped with security blocks.

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