Manuel A. Monteserín Lahoz + Lucía de Ancos + Virginia Herrera + Javier Simó + Ignacio A. Monteserín Lahoz + Aman Rai + María Mallo + Yeonghwa Choe
Songdo, South Korea
@manuel_monteserin + @show_me_the_project

Proposal is a library that looks to the future by learning from tradition.
This project seeks to maintain a balance between the traditional use of a library and the new uses demanded by contemporary citizens.

Three different and complementary spaces will coexist in this building:
1. A space for concentration, quiet reading and meditation. We call this area “silent space”.
2. A space where you can study and learn together with other people. We will call this space “Collaborative workspace”.
3. A space to communicate, expose and share. A great cultural forum. We call this space ” The Plaza”.


This library is inspired by traditional hanok construction, the access floor rises three meters above ground level and becomes independent from the ground. The open parking lot is located at ground level. Therefore, it allows natural ventilation and avoids the aggression to the ground that digging basements entails.

A wooden structure and a ceramic tile roof enable a quick and clean construction. It also gives the building the ability to be disassembled and recycled if necessary in the future. The building also adapts to the different orientations.The south facade’s deep eyes protects us from direct sunlight. On the other hand, the north facade will be closed with a curtain wall to ensure maximum light.

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