Medellin, Colombia

In the heart of Medellin, a groundbreaking initiative named Mova is transforming public education. This initiative is a brainchild of the Secretaria de Educación de Medellín, aimed at enhancing the educational landscape through comprehensive teacher training and development. Mova stands as a beacon of innovation, serving as a nexus for educators to converge, learn, and grow together. This project is the fruit of a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, bringing together various stakeholders from both public and private sectors alongside the educational community.

Credit: MOVA Teacher Innovation Center / OPUS | ArchDaily

Mova’s architectural strategy is as innovative as its educational mission. By reimagining an underused parking lot, the project architects have created a series of distinct volumes elevated on pillars and interlinked with bridges. This design cleverly merges the indoors with the outdoors, allowing occupants to fully appreciate the local climate and scenery. The introduction of greenery is central to the design, fostering a connection with Medellin’s broader ecological framework and enhancing the city’s green infrastructure.

The creation of Mova’s physical space is deeply intertwined with its educational goals. Architects, alongside a multidisciplinary team, have been tasked with crafting spaces that embody pedagogical principles and foster innovative educational experiences. The project emphasizes active collaboration between educators, institutions, and various social entities, resulting in a design that truly supports the pedagogical vision.

Engagement with the teacher community has been a cornerstone of the design process. Initiatives like Mova camp, workshops for appropriation of the space, and the Mova Mobile program have been instrumental in integrating the educational community into the project, setting the stage for the physical realization of the innovation center.

Credit: MOVA Teacher Innovation Center / OPUS | ArchDaily

Strategically positioned within the Medellin Innovation District, Mova leverages its location to foster synergies with key scientific, technological, and creative entities. The project actively collaborates with prestigious institutions such as the Universidad de Antioquia and Parque Explora, contributing to a vibrant educational and cultural ecosystem. Additionally, Mova’s design thoughtfully integrates with the city’s natural and educational landmarks, creating a cohesive network that spans from the Jardin Botanico to the Universidad Nacional.

The architectural vision for Mova transcends traditional educational facilities, offering a multifaceted space that blends architecture with nature. Elevated above a former parking area, the building’s design facilitates a dynamic public space, incorporating elements like cafes and auditoriums to enliven the urban environment. The design aims to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, seamlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces and promoting a symbiotic relationship between architecture and vegetation. This commitment to sustainable design has earned the building a LEED Gold certification, highlighting its environmental consciousness.

Credit: MOVA Teacher Innovation Center / OPUS | ArchDaily

In summary, Mova is not just a building but a pioneering model for educational innovation in Medellin. Through its comprehensive approach to teacher training, collaborative design process, and integration with the city’s ecological and educational networks, Mova is setting a new standard for how educational spaces can inspire, connect, and transform communities.

Credit: MOVA Teacher Innovation Center / OPUS | ArchDaily
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