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Driven by the imperative of rapid construction, Casa 350 is a testament to modular ingenuity and efficient assembly. The project’s foundation lies in the demand for a quick-build home, influencing its modularity, finishing options, and choice of materials. The pragmatic decision to use a metal structure was dictated by budget constraints, material availability, and the need for swift assembly, while local labor contributed to the construction of wooden ceilings and ground floors, adding a touch of craftsmanship to the predominantly prefabricated structure.

Credit: Casa 350 / BLOCO Arquitetos | ArchDaily

The house design features a two-volume plan intersected perpendicularly, organized with a regular grid of 350x350cm in a metal structure—hence its name. The ground floor accommodates the social and service areas, strategically oriented to face north and south with a pool at its center. The upper volume houses the bedrooms, strategically positioned to capture the morning sun.

Credit: Casa 350 / BLOCO Arquitetos | ArchDaily

Innovatively, 7-meter cantilevers on each end of the upper floor create covered areas on the ground floor, serving as extensions of balconies, social spaces, and car shelters. Motorized, retractable, and translucent awnings provide control over natural light and privacy.

Credit: Casa 350 / BLOCO Arquitetos | ArchDaily

Construction details reveal a blend of materials and techniques: cast-in-place concrete for ground floor slabs, “steel deck” for the first floor and roof, “dry-wall” for internal walls, common masonry for external perimeter walls, and composite aluminum panels for blind walls without protective eaves. The external walls showcase a combination of plaster, paint, and composite aluminum finishes, adding a modern aesthetic to this efficiently constructed dwelling.

Credit: Casa 350 / BLOCO Arquitetos | ArchDaily
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