Naushaba Khan
Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore College for Women University

Humans have always relied on nature to meet all of their requirements. However, as industry’s effect on daily life increased in contemporary times, people gradually lost their connection to
nature. This is an attempt to reestablish humankind’s connection to nature because this separation was thought to be so dangerous. Reconciliation between people and nature can
benefit from architecture.

Living in the large city this connection is the least important thing for humans. But this can be reshaped by reshaping the space. The architecture we live in called human centered. But it should be nature centered. Human and natural world interaction is not only good for humans but for natural world. Staying close to nature human will able to take care of nature so ultimately, they will be cared as the part of nature.

The symbiosis of nature and architecture is a term used to describe the relationship between the natural world and the built environment. It is a concept that suggests that the two should be seen as interconnected and interdependent, rather than as separate entities. The idea behind the symbiosis of nature and architecture is that the natural world can provide inspiration, materials, and functions for the built environment, and that the built environment can provide a home and habitat for the natural world. Symbiosis of nature and architecture raise awareness about the importance of the connection with the natural world. Experience provides better connection. Design that increases emotional  involvement and create empathy towards nature.

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