Moritz Hilgarth
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is characterized by the contrast between open spaces that have already been thoroughly designed and whose form and development will no longer change. Nevertheless, you will find unfinished areas which are still searching for their shape and true meaning. The designed building is situated in Holešovice, a district in the north of Prague on a meander of the River Vltava, close to a noisy urban highway.

Unlike previously presented concepts for this site, the Philharmonic places it itself more in the center and its organic shape deliberately contrasts with the city´s strict, continuous urban structure. This concept builds an important landmark for the future development of the Holešovice district. The new Philharmonic is embedded in the landscape of a newly designed park, intending to combine the noisy, crowded urban life with a green natural environment. A freely accessible, waterfront terrace landscape allows both, concert visitors and locals to enjoy the Vltava and the view of Prague´s Old Town. The great concert hall builds the center, offering space for up to 1800 visitors. This project aims to design a Philharmonic, not only celebrating music but also bringing together all kinds of public life.

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