Sketchup is one of the most preferred programs for modeling in recent years. There are many tutorial channels on YouTube that provide Sketchup training, model the famous works and teach the program. Below are the best Youtube channels for you to learn all the details of Sketchup.

The SketchUp Essentials

TheSketchUpEssentials may be the most famous YouTube channel for SketchUp tutorial videos. This channel contains more than 500 tutorial videos useful for both students and professionals with the help of an online tutorial video editor. It is possible to learn SketchUp starting from scratch on this channel.

Sketchup Architect

Sketchup architect Youtube channel is one of the best channels especially for Lumion rendering. In the channel where you will learn Lumion rendering plus Sketchup modeling professionally while world-renowned architectural works are modeled. This channel contains tutorial videos related with realistic renders, quality materials and lighting settings.

Sam Phoas

Sam Phoas teaches you everything that has been done in Sketchup, from plan to render, with videos mostly made of housing modeling. If you follow this channel and start modeling with him, you will definitely become a professional in house modeling.

AF Channel

AF Channel is a tutorial channel that stands out with SketchUp for both interior design and facade models. In this channel, you can access detailed learning videos such as minimalist house design, interior design as well as 4-storey building modeling.

Brightman Designs

Brightman Designs includes videos that teach you nearly every tool and command in SketchUp that will work for you. You can access all kinds of content from terrain modeling to the fine details of rendering. Besides that, you also learn to use SketchUp extensions.


ACreate is another YouTube channel where you can learn SketchUp modeling. You can learn building modeling from start to finish by following the videos of this channel.


With Sefaira, you can learn modeling and all the settings you need to make in Sketchup. There are 3 playlists on this channel, which makes professional modeling in terms of architecture and where you can follow tutorial videos: Modeling, Anaylsis, Results.


Egypt Sketchup Community

Egypt Sketchup Community or with the new name Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahem Mohammed is a YouTube channel for very detailed Sketchup modeling and Vray rendering. In this channel, you can learn how to render with Vray compared to others, and watch the design process of architectural projects from start to finish in SketchUp.


2i-studio is one of the YouTube channels with the most distinctive and original content in this field. SketchUp tutorials are about modeling parametric architecture and objects that we are not used to seeing. By following this channel, you will learn how to make unusual designs with various plugins.


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