Ukraine, Kyiv

Residential complex Tetris Hall located in the center of Kyiv. Major cultural and entertainment facilities are within walking distance. Before design, we researched the main view-points of the roof. The roof space is the place for residents and their guests to meet and communicate. There are swimming pool,  summer cinema, cafe and barbecue with a beautiful panorama of Kyiv.


In the initial zoning, the places for recreation were intended mainly for large companies that come to the pool, bar or spend time in the barbecue area. In the proposed concept, we arrange the initial functions and add new ones, which extend the ability to use the roof area in all seasons. Different in scale and filling spaces consider the needs of all inhabitants groups.

Open plaza

Benches configuration allows to use the space for any scenarios.

Barbecue area

We form separate spaces for four companies with a common zone.

Children’s areas

Lego-zone and web create an interesting space for play. On one side of the benches, inhabitants will enjoy panoramic views of Kyiv, and on the other — will watch the children.


Indoor space of the cafe allows  to stay on the roof regardless of weather conditions and season.


Green zone differs from the overall planning structure by curve shapes. It creates a space that diversifies inhabitants’ leisure.

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