When you start learning 3ds Max or want to improve your skills, You should practice and work orderly.

During the learning process, you can repeat and follow what they do in the youtube tutorials. If you are new to Max, you can start modelling with the basic furniture such as chairs, tables, bookcases, coffee tables. It helps you to understand major commands and actually, you build basic information of 3ds Max.

In my learning process, I watched so many youtube videos which improve my 3ds max skills. Thus, I prepared a list of Youtube channels which also can improve your modeling and rendering skills in Max.

Denis Keman 

This channel mostly focuses on modeling. Duration of videos are long but it really teaches a lot. If you are new to the program, this channel could be a difficult start point so I recommend people who are more qualified in Max can start.

Cemil Albayrak

There are good examples of interior scenes in these channels. It is easy and teaches a lot. If you are new to the program, it helps you to learn basic information.

Can Kuskon 3D Stüdyo

There are both modeling and Vray tutorials. It is easy and useful.

Oner Oncer 

This channel majorly focuses on rendering. Vray, Corona, Lumion 9 are the programs which there are lots of tutorials on the channel.

Artem Gogolov

This youtube channel focuses on the types of furniture. It is a bit challenging but you should check it out.

Photo Bots

If you are interested in modeling games, this is a good channel for you.


This is a great channel which has amazing projects. But It is hard to follow the videos because It is too fast yet still you should look at it.

3DOkulu.com Animasyon Ve Tasarım Okulu

This is a good and informative channel. The language of the channel is Turkish but it is not a big deal. You just should follow the steps and do not need to listen to the videos.

GFX Total

It is a modeling channel, You can even model a blad or knife.


This channel is about preparing a Vray material. Such as gold, mirror, glass etc. It is easy and short videos so you can prepare your material easily.

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4 years ago

Arrimus 3D for me is the best channel.

illustrarch Editorial Team
Reply to  Andrej

Thank you!

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