Min Jin Kook
New York City
@Min Jin Kook

Astro Amenities” is a solution for the sustainable future. For residents of multi-family apartments in New York City, all residents need is to step outside of their apartment door. Instead of driving to a spa, lounge, a bar and a social game room, the designer seeks to eliminate the carbon footprint generated by travel- by bolstering amenity rooms that are fun and aesthetically appealing. “Astro amenities” brings bright celestial amenity experiences together under one roof.

First program is a sunset lounge: the designer enhances the contrast of shadows and natural sunset light by using deep colored earthy finish all around the room. The room is designed to create niche social moments, such as wine tasting, chatting and sitting back in the sunset. Using mirrored ceiling, raw stones, the quality of space is elevated, creating exceptional amenity interiors.

The designer proposes a dark, sensual gaming lounge next. The soft furniture offers an effortless, enjoyable atmosphere. The bluestone flooring brings luxurious quality to the space. The reflected black ceiling with round-trimmed detail separates spaces to be an active game space or be a “couch-social” area. With daring oak wood millwork surrounding the space all around, the etched mirror bounces dazzling lights of artificial lights.

The amenity spa creates drama with simple reflected ceiling finish. Fixtures and finishes fill up the small room as if the room is made of cosmic dust. With LED lights, the paint color in the spa shifts at each visitor’s preference. Combined with simple finishes and intricate details, “Astro amenities” aims to create a shared experience that is in tune to each resident’s personal taste.

The designer heightens the quality of living of residents by creating many types of amenity rooms; like creating a constellation map of fun rooms. These rooms are daring, colorful and transformative. The designer hopes to bring solutions for the future of apartment living through “Astro Amenities.

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