Min Jin Kook
New York City
@Min Jin Kook

The “WORKforce of Nature” is an audacious workspace design for urban dwellers. Nature has the power to heal the human body; and “WORKforce of Nature ” brings soothing and healing qualities of nature to urban dwellers. This coworking space facilitates couch-nooks, work-niches, a conference room, and a library. “WORKforce is Nature” is not quiet; it is an audacious, bold, and visually striking proposal. By creating a dramatic, high-quality workspace, the designer proposes a workspace that excites urban dwellers to “work-socialize” – outside of their home office.

First program is a coworking desk area: black mirrored desks reflect lights from the mirror ceiling, bouncing vivid colors. Tensile felt acoustic panels absorb sounds; they are anchored by the metal fins, which are used to mount point lighting fixtures. Lights create a glistening effect all around the room. Green felt, carpets and tiles are representative of ever-growing nature. In Juxtaposition, macassar ebony wood is used to create free standing millwork walls.

Along these walls, fireplace walls form a cozy social area. The fireplaces are recessed into the metal frames housing spectacular point lights which dance with fire. Conceptually, parameters of the rooms are open for circulation, and no area is enclosed. Every area has a different level of privacy, and the fireplace offers warm, mellow social moments.

The designer proposes a daring library next. While other areas have forest-like quality, the library has a desert-like quality. Alongside the cactus, the banquette is juxtaposed with earthy terrazzo tables. The mirror ceiling continues throughout, making a visual connection to areas beyond walls. The contrast between the green tile and red cork tile also add to the “edge” of the library. The millwork wall serves as a bookshelf, and a striking backdrop for soft furniture. Through and through, this space captures unexplored, wonderous character of nature. By bringing nature to the urban workforce, the designer seeks to reframe what it means to live and work in cities. Instead of using the white minimal design, the designer hopes to awaken the wild creativity of the urban workforce through the “WORKforce of Nature.

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