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Gandhinagar, India

“Pravaah” draws its essence from the Sanskrit language, representing the flow or movement inherent in concepts like time, thoughts, energy, and water. More than just a word, it embodies the perpetual evolution of life, ideologies, and intricate processes.

Credit: PRAVAAH Workplace / The Grid Architects | ArchDaily

This philosophy translates seamlessly into organic architecture – a design paradigm that places emphasis on structures that resonate harmoniously with their environment. The intent is to establish a balance with the surroundings and weave together aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly blending architecture with the native landscape. This design approach advocates fluidity, mirroring the uninterrupted movement of ideas and materials. A quintessential aspect of this style is the reverence for the materials employed, emphasizing a comprehensive approach. In the case of Pravaah, the material of choice was Ferrocement.

Credit: PRAVAAH Workplace / The Grid Architects | ArchDaily

The Pravaah site office, positioned as a hallmark of real estate development, stands as more than just a workspace. It serves as an emblem of an environment-conscious design, effortlessly melding with the terrain it inhabits. Visitors to PRAVAAH are not merely stepping into a showcase of an upscale apartment complex but are immersing themselves in an architectural marvel that champions concepts such as local relevance, avant-garde design, and the symbiotic relationship with nature, deeply entrenched in the biophilic ethos.

Credit: PRAVAAH Workplace / The Grid Architects | ArchDaily

Given the distinctive climatic conditions of the South West region of India, Pravaah’s design was conceptualized with acute precision. It incorporates four strategically placed openings, inclusive of skylights, to promote natural air circulation and bathe the interiors in diffused sunlight. To bolster the project’s sustainable vision, drought-resistant flora was meticulously chosen, complementing the surrounding landscape. Integrated water features add a touch of tranquility, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. A pivotal decision in Pravaah’s construction journey was the exclusive use of locally-sourced Ferrocement, expertly shaped by adept local craftsmen within a commendably brief span. This conscious choice not only diminished carbon footprints but also uplifted the local community.

Credit: PRAVAAH Workplace / The Grid Architects | ArchDaily

Pravaah’s office layout epitomizes simplicity and the core philosophy of flow. Located at a crucial road juncture, its visibility beckons attention, further accentuated by its gleaming white façade. Enveloped by local, drought-resistant greenery, it serves as a testament to sustainable living, attracting potential buyers. This bright, inviting exterior is mirrored inside, where sun-drenched cabins featuring skylights await. Strategically positioned windows offer tranquil views of an exclusive water feature. With its emphasis on biophilic design elements such as natural lighting, ample ventilation, and lush greenery, Pravaah isn’t just an architectural entity; it’s a haven promoting well-being and ecological balance.

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Richard C. Rodriguez North
Richard C. Rodriguez North
18 days ago

Hello Elif,
I only have one question. From the time it was built and the water feature has grown with clearer water have you visited. I’ve visited the grounds twice once to see the completion just as it is in the photo and the second to ensure to understand the worth in the water clean if I remember they decided to keep what had been written on the. If you have not visited you should.

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