Ar. Ruturaj Puranik + Id. Richa Ramani + Ar. Krusha Patel
Chhani, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
@chaukhat_designstudio + @ruturaj_at_chaukhat + @_krushapatel_ + @richu_ramanni

Located in the outskirts of Vadodara city, client approached us to design an office space in a tight plot with dimensions 10 feet x 20 feet. In the close knit old Channi area of the city, with plenty of small business shops in and around the neighborhood we were challenged to create something modern that stands out despite the modest plot size of 200 sq.ft.

The client is a Project Management Consultant, so along with his office on the ground floor, which generally works on erratic hours, he wanted us to include a studio apartment on the first floor with optimum amenities and later embraced the idea of utilizing the terrace plate for a recreational use.

The brief, along with the compact site, challenged us to design and accommodate a plethora of functions in different floor plates, connecting them so as to not overlap the professional and private spaces. Approach for the office is given directly through the road, which also hosts a spiral staircase to the studio apartment above. Both entries co-inside perpendicularly, with a smart separation for the client to balance between his work and personal life.
The façade is designed to create a language that breaks through the monotony of small sections. It has a frame combining the built mass with weather sheds.

Terracotta jaali blocks give a distinctive feature to the façade while doing its job of maintaining privacy and providing lovely light-play to the living space on the first floor. It adds little drama amidst the neighborhood to catch the eye of a passerby. The façade is finished with white and concrete texture which is very well highlighted with metal fabricated elements. Staircase is strategically placed in the front to create a vertical illusion for the limited building mass. Pergola and railing break the verticality of the building, while giving a feel good factor to the recreational space on the second floor.

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