Dellekamp + Schleich
San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

Casa Cabo is a refuge that invites those who inhabit it to experience the particular conditions of its environment, characterized by an arid nature of high temperatures, peculiar endemic vegetation and dry winds.

The house is resting on platforms made with the same earth of the surroundings that decline gently with the slope of the land. The compacted earth walls that seem to emerge from the sand between rocks and vegetation, support the structure of the roofs, giving privacy to the interior of the space and framing the view towards the sea.

Four monumental roofs define the ceiling that seems to levitate, generating separations and hierarchies in each part of the resulting spaces. Between the volumes, the different gardens and corridors are interwoven; leading to an inner central patio that converts the public area into the heart of the house, ending with a pool that intertwines with the horizon of the sea.

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