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According to the daily newspaper «Le Monde», which quotes a report by Parisian notaries dated 26 July 2019, the average price per square metre in Paris has crossed the symbolic line of €10,000. Faced with this new record, the proposal entitled «The Village» questions the functioning of our society.

The objective is to create a system that could be similar to the functioning of a village in order to respond to the social, economic and ecological problems that affect our current society.


Integrate a multi-programmatic logic into the whole project in order to recreate a social network with an organization operating at the level of the building and local services.


Create an economic model within the building based on the integration of a programmatic percentage including offices, shops, tourism in order to meet the high speculative demand and offer a significant number of decent housing at an affordable price.

This economic model makes it possible to find a balance between a viable programme and housing in order to create a circular system for its financing.


The creation of a social fabric with a local and circular functioning allows many advantages such as the sharing of services, waste management, the development of new types of public transport.

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