Atelier Volpe
ENSA Montpellier, FRANCE

The best way to experience the forest is to live like a tree, so why not living in a tree? To adapt to its environment Tree House is inspired by trees in a programmatic and a constructive way. A tree is made up of three elements: roots, trunk and crown. Like a tree this house offers three spaces with differents atmospheres.

The semi-buried level in a direct contact with the earth, includes the kitchen, like the roots of trees that collect their energy from the earth. Like the sap of a tree that relieves crown and roots, the distribution spaces are in the trunk. Three staircases are superimposed to create alternative routes within the house and several accesses for each room. A bedroom can be accessed from the living room or the outside.

And then the crown that includes the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, opens onto the landscape and the sky to bring the light in. Just like a tree is made of wood the Tree House uses wood as the predominant material in two ways. Lightly thanks to a singular constructive method, four wooden columns in which beams are inserted to go in various directions to carry the floors and brace the building. This branching constructive method is like the branches or roots of a tree. The space distribution built in massive wood, solid like a trunk rises to the sky to capture the light. Tree House is a wooden house, shaped like a tree and integrated into the forest by its program, its spaces, its materials, and its constructive methods.

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