Melike Tarakcı
Istanbul, Turkey

Mıstık Park is located in Istanbul Teşvikiye Street. Park, Nisantasi Akkavak Street, which is one of the most important streets of City’s Shopping Center, and Connecting Şakayık Avenue, where Nilüfer Hatun Primary School is located is the transition zone. The most important in choosing the designer of the land one of the elements; the land is in the breathing point of a busy area, These two important axes are specialized in different characters. While the axle has a permanent circulation of people and vehicles in the shopping environment; The axis where the primary school is located is has. Various socioeconomic, different trouser combinations, different ages It is also possible to view user accounts from groups. Project start, A lot of time was spent in Mıstık Park for the land analysis, it was changed and chatted with, the terrain was grasped from different perspectives.

The old sometimes (even their families) in Nisantasi from the past to the present of Mıstık Park. A key point idea was adopted, adapted to the areas of use. Project Dish Detail of the Concept exited. Primary school-Library-Park interconnected, which is to facilitate circulation on the other hand, it is free and personal with the effect of the programs in it. A new circulation embracing the features of the land starting from the elevation It was aimed to design the route. In its design, each jeans has its own unique space setup. it was taken care of. The land was used as an open-air cinema in the past, concerts, hosts exhibitions and handcrafted on Wednesdays nowadays enabling the stalls where products are sold reinforced the idea of recreation.

Most of the building Another reason why the upper level is designed as an open air cinema is Nisantasi creating a new point of attraction where the view can be experienced from the highest elevation is the idea. The flooring of this elevation is; a mass to provide shade to the existing playground area was designed as. While providing uninterrupted circulation at the ground level, hand-made on the one hand benches with products can be examined, on the other hand, sitting in a semi-open area can be passed. On the upper elevations, there are three different options in semi-open, closed and open areas. It can be reached by the circulation axis. The first jeans are designed as a children’s library, while the second jeans are free reading, with gallery space for parents to observe their children a more social environment was created by fictionalizing the area.

Third level, at the front to more personal workspaces where panels are customized according to daylight and the user. volumes, while the act of reading at the fourth level consists only of writing. It has been designed as an exhibition and workshop area that can make the user experience that it is not. In addition, an area where they can spend time and chat on the terrace was designed at this level. Lowest the elevation, on the other hand, is used as a warehouse and archive, as well as hosting exhibitions targeted. As a material, it has a strong effect on the library atmosphere and the senses. Natural wood material, which is thought to be a natural material, was preferred. In addition to all these, public spaces are created on an urban scale and a dynamic with its façade, both in the daytime and in the evening; dynamic and characteristic an effective library design that invites Mıstık Park visitors to the programs. it was aimed to carry a soul.

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