Mara Capodistria + Evi Pithamitsi
Patras, Greece
@cap_mara + @evipith


The art exhibits which have been chosen for the Museum, are related to the subject of the Anthropocene,namely the era during which the human intervention has a huge impact on Earth and the environment. These works, respectively, have a direct link with the three nature elements: air, water, earth. Besides their conceptual meaning, they have been studied and chosen according to the way that the visitor experience them and how he interacts with them.


The morphology of the Museum building was generated initially from the application of the golden ratio and then from the formation of circumscribed circles, as design tools. The paths have been created according to the morphology of the building, like a continuity of the above engravings, as well as according to the shape of the site.





At the same time, they serve the concept with the human connection to his wider environment. In the designs, appear also the different qualities of space (thick- thin planting, glades, recreation areas, walking areas, exhibition areas). As it regards the interior configuration, the same engravings have been followed, the spatial demands of the art works have been take into consideration and so the main and the secondary spaces are created. The transparency of the facades helps to the connection of the interior with the exterior and thus to the idea of the Human connection with his environment.



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