BARES Studio
Helsinki, Finland

The project intends to show the design process from the beginning to its final result. The workshop is identified as the place of origin of woodwork, which tells a large part of the history of Helsinki. The project’s premise is to show the evolution of wood design from various points of view, generating a path around it and encouraging a constant interaction between the spectator and the craftsman.

The rest of the public activities are distributed in different platforms, all connected by the ramp and linked to the workshop as well. This way, the restaurant, the library and the exhibition areas are visually linked to the design process. The roof descends to street level creating an urban expansion which is not only a gathering point but also a space for dialogue to connect with the great Helsinki’s culture and heritage.

The design house reveals the valuable process hidden behind each work. The project sparks the interest of the visitor, valuing the manual work in a context of mass design. For such reason, we consider this project as a museum of process, not of product.

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