Luiza Franceschi
Curitiba, Brazil

The downtown area of Curitiba is a very dangerous at night, because there is no vitality of uses and users. Thinking of that, the main purpose of this project is: give vitality and 24h use to the downtown area.

The building is divided in two:

From the fifth floor to the twenty-third floor, are rental offices, were the principal activity happens from monday to friday in comercial hours.
From the floor plan to the fouth floor happens the 24/7 uses
In the floor plan we have, restaurants, stores, art gallary, bars and snack bars.
In the second floor: a multiuse room and a auditorium
The third floor is a “service floor”, we sugest a gym, but could be anything.
The fouth floor is the building lobby, with art exposicions, a coffee shop and a book store.
The way to acess all the 24/7 paviments is possible thru escalators

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