Junaid Ahmed Khan
Islamabad, Pakistan

Gwadar, the future smart city of Pakistan, with its rapid economic development, huge foreign investments and access to the 800 KM long coastline spreading across the length of Baluchistan, is regarded as having an immense potential for a huge number of tourists and tourist destinations.

The cruise ship terminal is designed with a focus on the commercial aspect of the program opening up to the various classes of people who would not have previously been able to experience the exclusivity that the program entails in general.

The Terminal with a commercially active business center acts as a hub of economic growth. With provisions of not only local business opportunities but also reaching into a cultural bed establishing a direction for the future, including various sub programs such as an aquarium for the promotion of marine conservation and the likes.
The project aims to establish new boundaries with respect to the program, context and understanding. The cruise terminal acts as not only a center for the rich but also a cradle for the overall development of the port city of Gwadar.

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