Alexandre Vicente
@amalgamatelier + @a.l.e.x.v.i.c.e.n.t.e

The tower is proof of the human ingenuity and its technology. As we get ready to start our journey to overcome nature, we stop to have a moment of reflection. At the bottom of the structure, a protected tree serves as a landmark, a monument to nature and mankind, a return to a mutual understanding between the artificial world and the natural.

As we arrive at the middle and higher levels, we find a rational wood structure, almost as suspended, hanging. These volumes house people, who live their daily lives in symbioses with the natural surrounding, a natural surrounding which is slowly absorbing the structure the supports it. Some might even think that the structure was done to accommodate it, but the opposite couldn’t be far from the true.

As we escalate the tower, nature overcomes and blends with human life. As humans live in their artificial structures, the rings at the centre provide nurture. The Tower is a monument which celebrates nature and humanity and how they can and should be together.


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