VELOR architecten
Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

The delicate allure of history and a fresh contemporary spirit collide in a notable residence nestled in Brasschaat, awakening a late 1960s dwelling into a radiant and capacious family habitat. The transformation witnessed within the confines of this property transcends mere aesthetic changes, infusing vibrant functionality into its core.

In a remarkable shift during the refurbishment, the facade has been liberated, embracing expansive windows across its breadth. This not merely bridges a visual harmony between the indoors and the verdant exterior but also amplifies the residential spaces. A cascade of natural light, courtesy of these windows, permeates through the home, instilling an aura of expansiveness and vibrant energy.

Credit: Residence K | VELOR architecten | Media – Photos and Videos | Archello

Honoring the home’s historical spirit, the makeover ingeniously melds elements reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s into its fabric. A pathway, highlighted with classic flagstones, meanders towards the stately custom-built front door, meticulously designed with cathedral glass. This detail transcends aesthetic appeal, forging a majestic entrance that accentuates the home’s personality. Internally, the flagstone is harmoniously paired with the warm undertones of bamboo parquet, crafting an atmosphere that is simultaneously unique and welcoming.

Credit: Residence K | VELOR architecten | Media – Photos and Videos | Archello

This rejuvenated residence pulsates with a modern style that harbors a whimsical nuance. The domains within have been mindfully architected to meld comfort with utility, attuned to the demands of contemporary dwellers. Every facet, from the strategic layout to the judiciously chosen materials, coalesces to carve out the singular charm that this abode radiates.

The residence stands as a paragon of unparalleled architecture, narrating a tale through its structure. The dialogue between yesteryears and today, the meticulous attention to detail, and the astute amalgamation of materials weave together to render it a magical habitation. Whether one is enveloped within its walls or basking in its lush external environment, the home proffers a distinctive and wholesome living experience to those who dwell within.

Credit: Residence K | VELOR architecten | Media – Photos and Videos | Archello

The integration of state-of-the-art technology with retro aesthetics is a hallmark of this renovated dwelling. Advanced home automation systems are subtly woven into the fabric of the house, ensuring seamless functionality without disrupting its vintage charm. From climate control to security, every modern convenience is at the fingertips of the inhabitants, offering ease and efficiency. This blend of the old and the new not only enhances the living experience but also pays homage to the past while embracing the future, creating a living space that is both nostalgic and forward-looking.

Credit: Red Wall Residence / i2a Architects Studio | ArchDaily

Attention to environmental sustainability also plays a significant role in the home’s redesign. The use of energy-efficient fixtures and appliances, coupled with the strategic placement of windows for optimal natural light, underscores a commitment to eco-friendly living. The addition of rainwater harvesting systems and the use of sustainable materials further echo this sentiment. This green approach not only reduces the ecological footprint of the residence but also creates a healthier living environment for the family, merging ecological responsibility with luxurious living.

Credit: Residence K | VELOR architecten | Media – Photos and Videos | Archello

Furthermore, the exterior landscaping of the residence has been thoughtfully reimagined to complement its architectural revival. The garden, once overgrown and untamed, has been transformed into a tranquil oasis, featuring native plants and a minimalist design that enhances the home’s visual appeal. This outdoor space, designed for relaxation and entertainment, seamlessly integrates with the interior, creating a harmonious flow between the inside and outside environments. The garden becomes an extension of the home, offering a serene retreat that encapsulates the essence of modern, sustainable living while respecting the property’s historical roots.

Credit: Residence K | VELOR architecten | Media – Photos and Videos | Archello
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