A+H (Alessia Macchiavello and Heidi Corti)
Culpra Station, NSW, Australia
@alessia_macchiavello & @h.dinha

The thesis wants to be cause for reflection about the role an architectural project can play when facing complex cultural and linguistic barriers. The sphere of investigation is the environment of remote Australian aboriginal communities where difficulties are represented not only by the global-south conditions but also, and above all, by the difficult coexistence between the aboriginal culture and the western one, signed by the social scar that has been left by the invasion.

In particular, Esperanto is a a project that tries to connect two different cultures through cooperation and inclusive design. The Aboriginal Community of Culpra Station was also looking for a way to share the Aboriginal Culture through activities in the Country but they needed some facilities and in order to attract perople. Esperanto is a completely Off-grid project that can be constructed by the Aboriginal Community with local materials.

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