José Vicén, Manuel Caracena & César Jiménez
@pepevi1 & @manuelcaracena & @cesar.jimenez.gonzalez

Located in the old valencian district “el Cabanyal”, this interior architecture project consists on the creation of a complex inner space where the use of both library and literary coffe shop can be joined.

Through the internal wooden volume, all the spaces created take different shapes and also situations of use intersection are created. Activity takes place, then, inside and outside this articulating element that even reaches the patio where the stairs to the upper level and the toilette are placed. (Alprazolam)

Library and Literary Coffee Shop

Materiality takes severe importance in this project where the versatility and free form have an important role, as does the sense of comfort and natural light. Thereby, this element is made by three timber kind of pieces that create the structure, partitions and finishing. The rest of applied materials for the restoration of this ground floor are basic plaster for the ceiling and walls and polished concrete for the floor surface. In contrast with them, the inner wooden element highlights and envelopes the user’s experience.

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