Suchit Mutha & Mandar Khele
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
@suchitmutha & @mandarkhele

Conscious efforts of expressing the historical terrain of Ahmednagar, where the unknown texture of the city itself showing the existence of heritage. Ahmednagar is a small town in Maharashtra, where culture upholds its identity and all historical structures tells a story of its time.

A land of life time experience carrying an expression of mind and soul. One side of Ahmednagar is simple and its form is defining it’s beauty and other hand race against time to define relative identity.

Brief of the Project:

10 acre land – 350 business kiosks for all disciplines (Automobile, Furniture, Real Estate, Construction, Interiors, IT, Digital, Electrical, Education, NGO, Apana Bazar).

2 : Pavilion to promote Ahmednagars.

Aim of the exhibition: Addressing the lost identity using history as a medium to convey.

Strategy: Addressing the history, using structure as a tool, People as a backdrop in the context of time.

It was an attempt to showcase history and architectural heritage of Ahmednagar city in Maharashtra India, through a temporary Pavilion.

Pavilion was filled with different dramatic moods to have an endless dialogue over history and architecture which is in neglected condition in today. Paper tubes were consciously placed to create a new dialogue through “Light and Shadows” between “Heritage and Citizens”. In the pavilion, tubes were placed in such way that it gave the glimpse of inside display of heritage and architecture of Ahmednagar and also acted as a driving factor towards the exhibition area. Roof gave a feeling of shamiyana which allowed light to play inside in the pavilion.

JITO Maha trade fair visited by almost 75000+ visitors in 5 days in Ahmednagar, where everyone was curious and also proud to have such a historical event.

In Ahmednagar we need not start from scratch, we can simply focus on reviving the old charm and this will act as catalyst in creating one of the most beautiful city in India. Ahmednagar has a history which needs to reach not only to the people of this town, but also to the people all over the world.

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