Lokesh Pakhale
Bengaluru, India
PIADS, Nagpur (MH), India

The campus for Tesla R&D center is crafted for the ultimate office experience, this building imparts a distinctive character to enhance productivity while maintaining the sanctity of a quiet work environment. Integrating various standalone features with energy efficiency, the project serves as an international model in ecologically appropriate office architecture in continental tropical climates.

A R&D center where Tesla would style their newest vehicles. The brief described the need for the project to have an ‘overwhelming sense of design’, an ‘emotive’ quality that could ‘energize and inspire thoughts’, ‘evolve’ with time and feel ‘true to its origins’. The site identified for the design is low-lying sheds and lush greenery – an oasis, reminiscent of Bengaluru of the bygone decades, amidst the concrete jungle surrounding it. It is perhaps the last of industrial campuses that occupied land on the highway of what was previously the outskirts of a fast growing city.

To create a diversified campus environment, integrating highly focused engineering workspace within the support system of learning, collaboration, recreation along with other amenities. A primary vision was to merge the idea of workplace with the experiences found in an educational environment into a new way of working and maintenance of an edge. The reasoning for this was the idea that within the loosely structured university system, there are resources available to allow the individual to conceive, investigate, and execute the impossible—and that is how Tesla was originally conceived.

Tesla treasures it workers and has developed a positive environment for them. The work environment consists of both workspaces and recreation centers such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and volleyball courts, cafeterias featuring a diversity of foods, a free laundry room bikes, and vehicular restriction to make movement around the campus easier.

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