Gridi Himçi + Isra Hyka + Nerina Baçi
Jordan Misja Street, Tirana, Albania
@artgrid.h + @israhyka + @baci.nerina

In urban and architectural design studio the aim was to revitalize concept of co-living and socializing habitat in one of the neighborhoods of Tirana, Jordan Misja. After analyzing the `spirit of the place´ it was interesting identifying (physical + social) local patterns (spatial/physical + social) that encourage or discourage co-living dimension in the neighborhood.


Upon these a design was proposed, creating a system of spaces, activities and relationships within defined area. This system includes a variety of functions and users, forming a community. The program include a system of different public open spaces that act as: a connecting network, generate different activities (playing, sitting, watching, gathering, events, sports,…) in sub-districts and respond to the needs of different target groups. Larger open spaces are integrated in this system.

A set of functions and activities that are different but complementary to each other and create a small living habitat for the neighborhood. Residential functions: new units that proposes the cohousing approach. Plus programs: the plus programs include a variety of functions that act as common spaces and services for different activities and users as: commercial + co-living educational activities, recreational + entertainment. Also the integration of principles from Alexander, Gehl, soft city in the proposal is fundamental.


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