Warda Naeem
KSK, Lahore (Pakistan)

All the individual spaces are considered into a single separate entities of their own hence placed from a distance from the other so that the one does not overlap the other, having their own places to extend with time.

The spaces are spread at a distance which makes the people move, enabling them to look around, move, connect and communicate among each other. Architecture is often seen as the art of a thinking mind that arranges, organizes and establishes relationships between the parts and the whole. Within this interaction, exploration and discovery of the built environment gives a more meaningful and personal experience.

The idea of the departmental placing involved both the visual and physical interconnection of every space with the other. Departments are so arranged that they face each other making a close link, so as to provide almost everything within a circle. Buildings are linked by the circulation route/pathway and the deck that weave the site together.

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