Estúdio Mangava
Campinas, Brazil

The BGN Roof renovation project embarked on a strategic enhancement of the space, aiming to unlock the full potential of the building with minimal yet impactful changes. This rejuvenation focused on three pivotal aspects: functionality, modern aesthetics, and adapting to contemporary needs. The key intervention involved a redesign of the typical roof plan, transforming it from an underused leisure space into a unique, character-filled family home.

Previously dominated by dark tones, wood, and heavy furniture, the apartment underwent a dramatic transformation. The project’s central theme was to infuse the space with brightness and light. This was achieved by introducing neutral tones, transparent glass, and modern furniture, while carefully blending in some of the family’s cherished antique furniture and objects. These pieces, rich in memories and stories, were placed thoughtfully around the apartment, including on a specially designed shelf that showcases a collection of items steeped in the family’s history.

Credit: BGN Penthouse / Estúdio Mangava | ArchDaily

One of the project’s highlights is the transformation of the external area. The original pool, once separated from the communal space by a flower box, now integrates seamlessly with the surroundings. A creatively designed deck, resembling a grandstand and angled at 45 degrees to catch the sun, bridges the gap between the pool and the external gourmet area. This design not only enhances the functionality of the space but also serves as a comfortable lounging area.

Inside, a new reading area was introduced in a custom-built carpentry niche, offering a unique view of the pool. This addition created a sense of visual connectivity between the interior and exterior spaces, which were previously disjointed. The outcome of this refurbishment is a stunning 160m² rooftop floor that boasts a panoramic city skyline view and has significantly altered how the family interacts with and utilizes the space. The blend of new functional areas with spaces dedicated to preserving family memories fosters an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, reinventing the penthouse as a modern, yet sentimental family haven.

Credit: BGN Penthouse / Estúdio Mangava | ArchDaily

Living in the newly renovated BGN Penthouse provides a unique and enriching experience that blends modern comfort with a deep sense of familial heritage. The moment one steps into this transformed space, there’s an immediate sense of brightness and openness, a stark contrast to its former state dominated by darker tones. The infusion of neutral colors and transparent glass allows natural light to pervade every corner, creating an environment that feels both airy and expansive.

Credit: BGN Penthouse / Estúdio Mangava | ArchDaily

The integration of contemporary furniture within the space provides a sleek and modern aesthetic, yet there’s a warm, inviting undertone, thanks to the strategic placement of antique furniture and objects. Each piece tells a story, linking the present to past generations, and serves as a constant reminder of the family’s rich history and the memories shared within these walls. It’s like living in a space where every day is a gentle journey through time, bridging the gap between old and new.

Credit: BGN Penthouse / Estúdio Mangava | ArchDaily

One of the most notable aspects of living in this penthouse is the transformed external area. The redesigned deck not only offers a functional outdoor space but also acts as a serene retreat for relaxation and contemplation. It’s easy to imagine spending hours lounging here, basking in the sun, or enjoying the tranquil evenings with the city’s skyline as a backdrop. The seamless integration of the pool area with the rest of the outdoor space encourages a fluid movement between different zones, enhancing the overall living experience.

Living here, one would constantly feel the harmonious balance between modern living and a reverence for the past. The refurbishment has not only enhanced the physical aspects of the penthouse but has also created an environment that nurtures family bonding, relaxation, and a profound sense of belonging. The BGN Penthouse is more than just a living space; it’s a sanctuary that encapsulates warmth, history, and modern elegance.

Credit: BGN Penthouse / Estúdio Mangava | ArchDaily
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