Joe Mihanovic
Los Angeles, USA

A loose collage of geometrically similar yet contextually distinct masses decorate the site, providing a diversity of experience and unexpected moments of socialization. The volumes are all derived from the aggregation of truncated cones and the Boolean subtraction and subsequent rearrangement of prismatic masses.

Newly-create voids provide semi-protected gathering spaces, while the curvilinear building envelope invokes a sense of spontaneity. The major volumes, though each derived from the same operative strategy, maintain their own distinct presences on the site due to variations in orientation, scale and the angle of subtractive cut.

The haul-like forms accommodate housing while more gestural moments act as urban landmarks. Each is distinct, yet not segregated.

The volumes are connected by an oft-cantilivering network of tubes, hauls, and spikes – which serve to both connect separate volumes and provide a general sense of interconnectivity through forced-alignment.

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