Vaibhav Panchal
India, Mumbai
As the name suggests provides skill development courses in engineering and non-engineering trades. The intention of these educational institutes is to impart useful skills and knowledge to students and to create a skilled professional workforce for the industrial sector. ITI Panvel is one such government institute operating since 01 Aug 1963. It runs 19 courses of high demand trades. Courses range from 1 year to 2 years in duration.
The building is now 55 years old and is in a poor physical condition due to lack of maintenance. There has also been an increase in the intake of students and hence is in need of redevelopment. The studio aims to study the campus and the proposal a design for the institute which will provide a good environment for learning and teaching.
The different nature of spaces required for the different courses to be taught and practiced should be addressed. Interaction spaces for the students and faculty should be adequately designed along the connections between different parts of the campus.
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