Wael Marawi
​The library was designed to be a landmark in the city of Abu Dhabi. It is intended to function as a socio-cultural hub for the city, a dynamic center for creativity and learning activities within the local community. The site is located in Um El Emarat Park near the schools district in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is accessible to Abu Dhabi community in general and conveniently located to be accessible to the school students and children within that district. It is expected to combine different functions related to reading, learning, cultural stimulation, intellectual gatherings and community strengthening.

The project is called ‘The Path of Knowledge’ because it is inspired by stacks of books put randomly with a path (a bridge) that goes through the volumes (the books) and eventually leads to the nearby public park, so I wanted the visitors to feel as if they were walking through the knowledge (the stacks of books). The project contains two large areas for the stacks, a reading area, an auditorium, a gallery, a children library, meeting rooms, a digital library, and cafes. It has a lot of terraces with views to the park and the city. The project includes seven different masses for different types of functions and they are all connected with the bridge in the middle.

The Path of Knowledge – Abu Dhabi Public Library

One of the volumes is higher than the others because it acts as a lighthouse at the end of the path. The design of this library is handling issues like acoustic and lighting design as well as the processes of collecting, condensing, distributing, reading, and manipulating information. One of the important things about this project is the amount of the urban spaces it contains because it’s not only a library, but more of a public space that provides the community an opportunity to socialize and come together.

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