Sheet 1- Gray Stay

Credit: Pinterest

“Gray Stay” is a Project that made by a student. It is one of the most successful presentation sheets due to the perfect explanations in the content. The first features while we are looking at the sheet, color selection and balance, clear drawings and correct proportion of the layout.

Sheet 2- Plasebo

Credit: Pinterest

Sheet 3- Topophilia

Credit: Pinterest

“Topophilia” is a small scale project’s presentation sheet which is done by very successful diagrams and technical drawings. The drawings are clear and understandable in the presentation sheet. Colors are soft and compatible with each other.

Sheet 4- Torchlights

Credit: Pinterest

The design of the presentation sheet should be done according to the characteristics of the project. The “Torchlights” projects has extreme topography conditions. Due to these features, topography lines and concept is stand out on the presentation sheet.

Sheet 5- Pano

Credit: VOF1181 | Arquideas

“Pano” is the interesting project’s presentation sheet. We see the characteristics and the most important features of the projects when we look at the presentation sheet easily. The concept and details of the projects are shown with very clear drawings and diagrams on the presentation sheet. The realistic render and clear lines of technical drawings are very compatible with each other. There are not too many paragraphs for explanation. The subtitle has used as a explanation text which is very understandable and short.

Sheet 6- InSEASide

Credit: MESC1202 – in(SEA)side | Arquideas

InSEASide, like in the name of the project, a project that is designed for in the middle of water. Due to the context and concept of the project, designer has used a very successful render with the aspect of color, quality and simpleness. A good render represents the atmosphere well, that’s why other drawings should be at the background. The most important thing on this presentation sheet is using diagrams and drawings in very clear way.

Sheet 7- Rachut School

Credit: Pinterest

It is good to be different! In this presentation sheet, we see the successful usage of black background. Using a different background color is a little bit risky. However, in this presentation sheet black color is well-organized with the atmosphere of the render and other drawings. Even we see the axonometric diagram in a clear way. It is good to use contrast which is one of the principles of basic design on top of the sheet as an elevation of the project.

Sheet 8- Beyond the diff

Credit: Pinterest

“Beyond the stuff” seems like enjoyable project and presentation sheet because of its color and visuals. The proportions of visuals and the balance between drawings and renders are made this presentation sheet very successful. It is important to use diagrams instead of explanation texts in a presentation sheet. We see the very good example of these rule in this presentation.

Sheet 9- A Courtyard in Laveno

Credit: YAC Announces the winners of the 2019 Kid’s Factory Competition (

Can you say that, it is not a successful presentation? In our opinion, this kind of successful projects need this kind of simple, well-organized layout design for presentations. The designr presents the project of “A courtyard in Laveno” in very unique and good way. The layout design of the presentation sheet is correct undoubtable. The designer use urban-scaled diagrams, perspective air render, interior renders from different spaces, elevations and some important details that the project contains in a very simple design language.

In addition, even the color selections of texts, titles and diagrams are very different from each other, the presentation does not look complex.

Sheet 10- Back to the Future

Credit: YAC Announces the winners of the 2019 Kid’s Factory Competition (

In this presentation sheet, we see the well-designed building in very different perspectives and ways. Master plan approaches, exploded diagrams, urban-scaled situations and beautiful realistics renders are placed on the presentation sheet. The relation of the renders and other drawings are very compatible even the explanation texts are a little long and have small puntos.

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Ugwualor Amarachukwu
Ugwualor Amarachukwu
1 month ago

Thank you Elief, you are inspiring my art. I will like to have session with you.

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