Antony Jose
Kerala, Idukki

The cabins are treasured in between the mountains to the wild landscapes so the users get the most exciting experience to be with nature.

Enjoying the serene beauty, to wake up to beautiful mornings listening to birds chirping, the sound of the wind whizzle through the trees and to end the day watching the sun go down to, glazing into the stream of water from the mountains is all the experiences the cabin in the woods endeavour.

The cabins are constructed using steel, concrete, polycarbonate sheets making the construction at most easy in such terrains also gives out the most effective material palette to the users.

The concept totally relies on ANTLERS because of the presence of reindeers over the place once but has gradually decreased in time due to their extinction.

Antlers is also something to Reminiscence as how the reindeers once flourished in the site . The structure of the cabins resembles the form of antlers (branched horns on the head of an adult deer) giving it the strength and stability of the structure.




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